My Views on Bharatanatyam

Bhataranatyam is one of the oldest forms of classical dance in India. It is extremely traditional and is known for its grace, beauty & purity. It uplifts the dancer & her audience to a higher level of spiritual consciousness.

Anyone who witnesses a high class Bharatanatyam performance will be convinced that it is a model of synchronized arts with many shades and elements of beauty, pure dance patterns of endless variety, symbolic hand gestures & changing facial expressions – all in the background of melodious vocal & instrumental music.

The greatest blessing of Bharatanatyam is its ability to control the mind. The feet keeping to rhythm, hands expressing gestures, eyes following the hands, the ears listening to melodious music leads to the mind achieving concentration & clarity.

The spectator watching the performance has his mind freed from distractions. A high class Bharatanatyam performance can lift both the dancer & the spectator to high spiritual levels.

The young dancers of today have to realize that practicing Bharatanatyam can lead to the three-fold fusion of Mental, Physical & Spiritual well being. One has to begin early and learn for many years before reaching a devout understanding of this Art.